This is what social media looks like right now

Bye guys, I’m giving up Facebook because of 17 reasons Only People With Really Big Facebook Habits Will Understand. The first 6 people to respost this get a puppy. You Won’t Believe How Awe-Inspiring I’m Being whilst I win the Internet. Seriously. Just Click Here.

Grammar aside, I’m pretty sure the Internet can’t be anything but a parody of itself right now.
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PR Week’s 30 Under 30

Pretty cool news – I’m one of PR Week’s 30 Under 30! The list is filled with some amazing people so I’m pretty glad to have made it in when nearly 200 people were put forward. I’m also one of the youngest and used as the introductory example for why people should ‘watch out’ because we’re coming to steal all the jobs, so that’s nice.

30 under 30 a

You can read it online here, and that’s a picture of me looking very happy with the physical copy of the magazine.

Peace, love & hashtags