Oh! Sweet Nothing

So here I am again, having casually not posted anything for quite a while. This time I haven’t come with promises that I will soon privilege you with my inner dwellings in longer than 140 character bursts. I’ve come to terms with the fact that anyone who actually looks at this site follows me on Twitter so knows more than enough about what I’m doing on a daily basis, so let’s just say I’m an exceptionally dedicated micro-blogger and leave it at that.

This post then serves as a round-up of my current activities, probably more for my benefit than anyone else.

I’ve obviously been spending way too much time involving myself in, thinking about and talking about social media. I recently hit 14, 000 tweets, which I’m certain could be a novel. I’ve decided, in all honesty, that I probably need rehab or something for this reliance. However, I like to think I’m putting my fascination to good use and have started writing a book about it, am considering various postgraduate degrees that incorporate or focus on social media and am doing my dissertation on ‘Social Media and Modern Fiction’. Let’s see if I can get any of that actually done between updates.

As you probably guessed from the mention of my dissertation earlier, I am still a student. I’m in my third and final year studying English Literature and I’m actually doing some reading and essays because I suppose it’s now or never. I’ve also somehow find myself on the UCLU Council with the nice job of Community Officer.

Other than that, I’ve been enjoying life in Camden and making the most of the company and the cocktails. I’m relaunching Viva Moz, the club night dedicated entirely to the music of The Smiths and Morrissey that I’ve co-promoted since 2009, at Bar Solo on Inverness Street this month to coincide with my new postcode. You should all come along because it’s always great fun with standardly fabulous music, attractive guests and highly incompetent DJs.

Lots of love,

Little Miss Wilde


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