The HashKey – A Fun Side Project

Being a consultant is fun. You’ve got some time to work on projects that cater to your favourite obsessions outside of your paid client work. And you can make those projects pretty crazy ones, all in the name of experimentation.


The HashKey is the latest fun experiment I’ve been involved in. Masterminded by my boyfriend, probably as some huge romantic gesture to keep me engaged, I’m really just a figurehead as a ‘social media fan’, but it’s been a blast so far nonetheless. (My hands are so famous now!)

We received a ridiculous amount of press, agency and influencer attention in the first few days we went live, as we knew we would; this product is peak social media sharing ammunition. It’s just interesting to see whether that level of conversation converts to getting this thing funded!

Watch my starring role in the Kickstarter video here!



Teaching Some Experts How To Be A Social Media Experts (Without Making It A Full Time Job)

A few weeks back I spoke at an epic old venue down by the river about the thoroughly modern subject of Social Media. (Obvs. I mean what else did you expect from me at this stage?)

I was speaking to a room full of experts, women who are spokespeople about their professional specialism. I was there to teach them about how to increase their profiles online – but as these are busy women, I focused my talk on how to fit building up a social media profile into your daily routine.

I love doing talks and public or private training sessions about building up a social media profile. If you’d like me to help out with a social media training session for you or your organisation, get in touch!

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 20.14.17

In a day and age where everyone is seen as a publisher because of social media, lots of people get very worried that committing to building up a social media following will involve having to create lots of their own, original content. This is obviously ideal if you have the time and genuinely have reams of wisdom to share – but it isn’t necessary, if you’re new to social media and just want to find a way to fit it into your life or working life. Continue reading

The Glitter Side of Things

I talk a lot about Twitter on my blog. I talk a lot about Twitter in life, actually. But this blog is called Twitter and Glitter for a reason. Not because, at the tender age of 20, I ran a fantastic night in Soho’s Escape (a venue that is now long gone and resigned to our blurriest memories) that involved everyone wearing wigs and covering themselves in sparkle. But because I really do love glitter.

Glitter makes an outfit. It never breaks an outfit. It gives you cheekbones or a pout or eyes that pop, depending on where you choose to put it. You find it the next day, and the next week, and the next month, and it makes you smile because you know you had a great time.

I recently found someone as obsessed with glitter as I am. Probably more so, actually. She’s an inspirational lady and this year quit her long-term job in events to launch a website that supports independent fashion designers. And glitter.

Screen shot 2014-12-15 at 13.30.01 Continue reading

Let’s Get Ethical

Short update – last week I took part in a small roundtable with the CIPR (Chartered Institute of PR for those not in-the-know – I wasn’t…) to advise them on their social media and technology ethics policy.

I’ll be honest – I think most people in the room had thought about this a lot more deeply than I had in the past, as they were mainly lawyers and academics. That said, it was a fascinating afternoon, and incredibly productive.

The main conclusion I personally drew was that social media doesn’t have the same need for an ethical conduct as other disciplines, because of it’s incredibly public, consumer-empowering nature. If a brand, individual or organisation does anything that breaches a ‘code of conduct’ – purposefully or otherwise – they are likely to be found out, sooner or later.

Thank God for accountability, right?!

Writing About Young People and Social Media (obviously)

Quick one!

I’ve spent the last couple of months working with the SWNS Media Group, OnePoll and 72Point on innovating their digital offerings and helping them reach a new demographic – the kids. Big things are coming for Generation Y and Generation Z.

Anyway – I’ve also done some writing!

This blog for OnePoll is an introduction to the new Youth Engagement offering that we’ve been working on, complete with GIFs:

Five Ways We’ve Been Doing Youth Research Wrong Our Whole Lives (And What We Should Actually Be Doing)

And I jotted down some tips on how PR companies can keep their social media alive when the office is empty to contribute this 72Point post:

Why Summer Is The Time To Shine On Social Media 

Read, learn and enjoy!

The Sexy Topic Of Content Distribution

I don’t want to excite anyone too much but a quick announcement – I’m talking about the raunchy topic of CONTENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS at the Culture24 Let’s Get Real Conference in September.


After my talk I’ll be in conversation with Tanya Cordrey, the Chief Digital Officer at the Guardian, facilitated by the lovely Anna Rafferty of Penguin Books fame.

The blurb is below and if you happen to be a digital professional in the spheres of arts or culture you can find out more and buy tickets here –

Dreaming of Content Distribution Systems – Learning From Brands

We can’t force people to click, engage and share, but there are things we can do to make it a lot more likely that they will. How can we learn from big name brands to make sure people actually see the content we create?

See you there!


Happy 2014!








Despite the fact that each January I resolve to write something longer than 140 characters in the next 12 months, another blog-less year has passed.

Frustratingly, I’ve read millions of ‘end-of-2013’ reviews that have included condensed or expanded versions of blog posts I never quite got round to publishing at a relevant time. You’re all missing out on such exceptional social media and content-related content, I apologise.

To get myself motivated this year, when MTV asked where I see myself in a year I said ‘with a book deal’. Let’s see how that works out…

Most of my other resolutions revolve around Pinterest. In the off chance I stick to them, keep track here. Words can’t express the joy of committing to a new network that’s like, actually a network. I was so devastated when Highlight didn’t take off. Oh #2013.

I’ve had a couple of new additions to my media page recently so check that out, and do get in touch if you want to work with me on something this year or just have an overwhelming urge to talk about Twitter in 2014.

Peace, love and hashtags

Twitter’s IPO, my live news debut & more of my #life


Last week Twitter announced that they would be floating on the stock market. Channel 4 News asked me to come on the show and talk about it, representing Twitter’s free spirit and general user base. Watch me talking to Jon Snow here.

(I’d just had a minor routine surgery if you think I’m sitting awkwardly.)

Also in recent weeks I’ve decided to put my real name on my Twitter account. Mainly because my ‘Tweet of the Week’ on Marketing Week decided that my insight on Snapchat and Chat Roulette (yes, really) should be attributed to “Jessica”. With speech marks. So I will always be @littlemisswilde, but I may sometimes go by Jessica Riches now.

And finally: it’s Social Media Week this week! #SMWLDN feels a lot like Fashion Week but there are less people taking pictures of your clothes. Say hi if you’re around; we can talk about ‘engagement’ and Instagram our coffees, because why shouldn’t we live up to the global ‘working in social media’ stereotype?

Peace, love & hashtags
@littlemisswilde / Jessica Riches

A little bit about Youth Unemployment

So filming has started for the new series of Channel 4’s Battlefront and this time round there’s only one campaign – the fight against youth unemployment. I wrote a blog post to introduce what it’s all about. It’s a pretty non-contentious issue at this stage (essentially we have no future) but have a read anyway.

There are also some nicely airbrushed photos of me and they call me a ‘social media queen’ in the introduction which always brightens my day, obviously.

Life Offline

Just a quick note, on the off chance that anyone is looking for me in cyberspace: I’ve deactivated my social media profiles so that I can get some work done. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Draw Something were proving too distracting, but I’ll be back soon to update you excessively on what I’m doing, or more likely what I’m not doing.

I know we joke (with undertones of complete sincerity) about my addiction to and reliance on social media that goes far beyond that of your average 21 year old in this generation, and I probably should seek help for that at some stage, but this is just a temporary measure.

The first 24 hours have been emotional to say the least, so expect a full post on withdrawal in the life of a social media addict as soon as I’ve finished this degree. I’ve been livetweeting it all in a notebook, with a pen.

Hope the Internet’s treating you well.

P.S. My Google+ profile is still active and no amount of longing to network has made me start trying to use it just yet.

EDIT – I just saw the empty sidebar of my blog where my tweets would be and the error message made me sob. That would have been a tweet.

Oh! Sweet Nothing

So here I am again, having casually not posted anything for quite a while. This time I haven’t come with promises that I will soon privilege you with my inner dwellings in longer than 140 character bursts. I’ve come to terms with the fact that anyone who actually looks at this site follows me on Twitter so knows more than enough about what I’m doing on a daily basis, so let’s just say I’m an exceptionally dedicated micro-blogger and leave it at that.

This post then serves as a round-up of my current activities, probably more for my benefit than anyone else.

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Digital Footprint Summit: Learnings and Insights from the Screenagers

I’m going to be speaking about online privacy and data at Digital Footprint Summit: Learnings and Insights from the Screenagers. The event takes place at the Innovation Warehouse on November 3rd, organised by Tony Fish and including panels made of industry and fellow members of the so-called Facebook Generation. Click here, buy a ticket and get involved.

The Real Social Network – A Personal Appeal

Hello all,

Just a quick post here to say that we have only hours left to raise money for the production fund for the film about UCL Occupation and the student movement. If you haven’t seen any sneak peeks yet then I recommend this trailer, because we are all so hilarious.

I know I’ve spammed the hell out of you from both Twitter accounts to try and get you to donate but 140 characters isn’t really enough for me to tell you why I think you should.

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Worst Blogger Ever

I know I keep promising glorious posts which I also know you are all sleeplessly waiting for, but the situation happens to be that since the last occupation at UCL of the registry, and the arbitrary victimisation of the UCL 13 (of which I am one, oh the joys of over-sharing on Twitter) I’ve just tried (and failed, I hasten to add) to get some actual, English Literature-related work done, just in time for The ‘E’ Word.

Whilst I’ve been perfecting the fine art of intense procrastination I’ve been suffering from that oh-too-familiar guilt and instead of reading or writing anything that can even be described as ‘useful’ (other than an unhealthy amount of tweets, which I will stand alone in classifying as entirely ‘useful’) I have found myself three seasons into a Sex And The City marathon and a regular on the threshold of the library.

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Things I’m doing/have done

Hello lovely people!

Right this whole blog thing can be quite fun so I’m going to get into it. Here’s a little update on what to expect from me soon.

Events I’m involved in

I’m speaking at this event after the March 26th march. There are still a few standing tickets left if you’d like to indulge in me chatting away, or alternatively if you’d like to laugh for an extended period of time at the hands of Josie Long’s wit, or perhaps if you’d like to listen to the rhythmic spoken words of Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip. If you do come along then make sure you say hi!

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Netroots UK – The Aftermath

In true Little Miss Wilde style I’ve added all of the Netroots UK coverage that I like that includes me in some way to my ‘Media’ page so go and have a look at the blog posts as well as the news stories. If you do only look at one thing, I recommend that it’s this video, made by Michael Chanan, because of the interesting ‘behind the scenes of behind the scenes’ slant. And because I just don’t appear to shut up in it!

(I will, I hope, at some stage, understand the relationship between suitable blog content and things that may bore people, rather than simply staying in some uncertain limbo.)

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Netroots UK – My first speech!

Today I spoke at Netroots UK at the Congress Centre in Bloomsbury.

The most basic description of the day is that it involved lots of left-wing people discussing the internet as a political tool. You can read more about it on their website.

The workshop I spoke in was called ‘Turning online activity into offline activity‘. I spoke about the unexpected and somewhat unorthodox way in which I ran the @ucloccupation Twitter account, with my main point apparently being ‘you can never tweet too much’ and about Twitter as an expansion of the room, and then answered questions relating to the momentum and political grounding of the UCL occupation as well as the student movement in general.

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