Netroots UK – My first speech!

Today I spoke at Netroots UK at the Congress Centre in Bloomsbury.

The most basic description of the day is that it involved lots of left-wing people discussing the internet as a political tool. You can read more about it on their website.

The workshop I spoke in was called ‘Turning online activity into offline activity‘. I spoke about the unexpected and somewhat unorthodox way in which I ran the @ucloccupation Twitter account, with my main point apparently being ‘you can never tweet too much’ and about Twitter as an expansion of the room, and then answered questions relating to the momentum and political grounding of the UCL occupation as well as the student movement in general.

(I don’t have an exact copy of my speech but I’m working on an expanded version to post and I’m told a video will be posted at some point.)

This workshop was mediated by Alex Smith who currently runs Ed Miliband’s campaign and speaking alongside me was Teddy Goff who ran Obama’s online presidential campaign. Both crazily talented people with such great achievements. Quite an honour for me to have given my first (supposedly) authoritative speech alongside them.

I had a lot of fun meeting people I know through Twitter and feeling like I was in the occupation again, bombarded with self-assured lefties and TV cameras. The day was generally an exhilarating-in-a-new-year-kind-of-way amalgamation of amusement and enthusiastic learning and well-worth the silly o’clock wake up; congratulations to the wonderful organisers for doing such a great job!


4 thoughts on “Netroots UK – My first speech!

  1. Ooh, I’m so jealous of all the people who got to go to your workshop! Hopefully Netroots will have a video up soon. Are you going to next weeks Fabian New Years Conference?

  2. “feeling like I was in the occupation again, bombarded with self-assured lefties and TV cameras.”

    Hehe I liked this.

    “My first speech” – sounds like it won’t be your last either :)

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