Life Offline

Just a quick note, on the off chance that anyone is looking for me in cyberspace: I’ve deactivated my social media profiles so that I can get some work done. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Draw Something were proving too distracting, but I’ll be back soon to update you excessively on what I’m doing, or more likely what I’m not doing.

I know we joke (with undertones of complete sincerity) about my addiction to and reliance on social media that goes far beyond that of your average 21 year old in this generation, and I probably should seek help for that at some stage, but this is just a temporary measure.

The first 24 hours have been emotional to say the least, so expect a full post on withdrawal in the life of a social media addict as soon as I’ve finished this degree. I’ve been livetweeting it all in a notebook, with a pen.

Hope the Internet’s treating you well.

P.S. My Google+ profile is still active and no amount of longing to network has made me start trying to use it just yet.

EDIT – I just saw the empty sidebar of my blog where my tweets would be and the error message made me sob. That would have been a tweet.


One thought on “Life Offline

  1. Welcome to the void… :)

    Seriously, once you get beyond the withdrawal you’ll love it. In the first month of not using twitter I posted about 20,000 words written in the time I’d saved and read significantly more books than usual. Twitter is addictive – but it’s a serious time sink and doesn’t actually give you much of a return for the time it demands.

    Good luck with the degree!

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