Twitter & Glitter

Hello! Long time no blog, shocker. This blog is heading in a new direction now, in the way that it’s going to be about something I actually care about: Social Networking. I’ve decided to call it Twitter & Glitter because they are the only constants in my life.

Aside from spending hours deliberating this I have also been up to a few things. I have passed my exams (actual result still unknown), have developed a penchant for Chick Lit, have started a new club night in Soho called Glamourphonic, have been eBaying my heart out, have been working in a bar, have been tweeting and protesting consistently and have accidentally decided to spend the latter half of the summer in New York.

Anyway, I know I say this every time but actually do expect regular updates now, because I have a lot to say on the matter of Social Networking.

Love and sparkles and dancing and fun,

Little Miss Wilde


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