The Real Social Network – A Personal Appeal

Hello all,

Just a quick post here to say that we have only hours left to raise money for the production fund for the film about UCL Occupation and the student movement. If you haven’t seen any sneak peeks yet then I recommend this trailer, because we are all so hilarious.

I know I’ve spammed the hell out of you from both Twitter accounts to try and get you to donate but 140 characters isn’t really enough for me to tell you why I think you should.

I won’t bore you with any more details of how Isis, Ludo and Srđan have been there from the start, sleeping on floors and not washing and being kettled with the rest of us (although that’s all completely true and should be taken into consideration). But what I will say is this:

Throughout all of our occupations and major protests we spent every waking moment updating the Twitter feed so that the people like you who followed us could feel as involved as possible without actually being in the room, taking input from our feed into consideration at meetings, passing on every message and remaining in constant, honest contact. I’m assuming that you wouldn’t have followed us if you didn’t want that personal relationship with the news we were creating (otherwise I’m sure it would have counted as a lot of spam). The Real Social Network is a chance for you to see what was really going on and compare it to what you remember of the tweets, to fill in the blanks yourself and to put faces to the names that kept popping up on the feed. Helping make sure the whole story reaches screens means that you are even more a part of it, and the compete insider perspective is our thanks to you for all of the support that you’ve given us from day 1 all the way back on November 24th 2010.

I know I sentimentalise everything far too much, but I think that this record of the 6 months that the student movement, and the part that plays in the wider anticuts movement, is entirely worth making, especially as we keep moving forward. I’m almost certain that it’s not just those inside the Guardian bubble who think that history is being made, so I think we should make sure they get our story right and give the kids something to fun to watch in their classes.

If you’d like to help my thinly veiled attempt at pure moviestardom reach realisation then please do donate to The Real Social Network‘s production fund here:

Thank you very much for your kind donation in advance!

Little Miss Wilde


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