Happy 2014!








Despite the fact that each January I resolve to write something longer than 140 characters in the next 12 months, another blog-less year has passed.

Frustratingly, I’ve read millions of ‘end-of-2013’ reviews that have included condensed or expanded versions of blog posts I never quite got round to publishing at a relevant time. You’re all missing out on such exceptional social media and content-related content, I apologise.

To get myself motivated this year, when MTV asked where I see myself in a year I said ‘with a book deal’. Let’s see how that works out…

Most of my other resolutions revolve around Pinterest. In the off chance I stick to them, keep track here. Words can’t express the joy of committing to a new network that’s like, actually a network. I was so devastated when Highlight didn’t take off. Oh #2013.

I’ve had a couple of new additions to my media page recently so check that out, and do get in touch if you want to work with me on something this year or just have an overwhelming urge to talk about Twitter in 2014.

Peace, love and hashtags


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