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BBC Newsnight’s Paul Mason has written a book called Why It’s Kicking Off Everywhere: The New Global Revolutions in which there’s a little case study about me and my Internet use for social change and general socialising. It also has my overly honest quote ‘I tweet in my dreams’ as a chapter title. You can buy it here.

Kitchen Sink Films and Quark Films have made a wonderful documentary called The Real Social Network about the use of new media and technology in our ‘new generation of protest’. I’m quite a main character in it and awkwardly refer to myself as ‘the Queen of Twitter’. Watch a preview, get more information or find a screening here.

Links to various articles, videos and blog posts my comments or interviews have featured in, plus a couple of ‘press clippings’:

CIO: – 14 digital marketing mistakes and how to avoid them – 18/01/2016 – Industry experts: How will video marketing change in 2016? – 16/12/2015

Momentology – Social Media Marketing Trends 2016: Insights & Predictions From 40 Experts – 14/12/2015

Business News Daily – 10 Instagram Marketing Mistakes You Need to Stop Making – 14/12/2015

Time Magazine – What Men Share On Social Media But Not With You – 24/02/14

MTV Voices – This Time Next Year – 27/12/13

Emporium England – Jessica Riches: Style Icon – 10/12/13

PR Week – 30 Under 30 – 15/11/13

Channel 4 News – Live debate on Twitter’s IPO – 13/09/13

More! Magazine – Does Facebook Have You Under The Thumb? – 12/11/12

Hound Magazine – The Birth of Political Consciousness – 01/03/12

Transition Voice – Twitter crucial to revolutions, but can it make us better people? – 09/01/12

London Stories – Jessica: Life as a “Twitter Guru” – 02/12/11

East London Lines – Activism event relights desire for radical change – 21/11/11

VisionOnTV – Little Miss Wilde at The Real Social Network premiere (video) – 02/11/11

Reuters – Analysis: Wall Street action part of Arab Spring? – 11/10/11

The Voice of Russia – Social Media behind Riots and Clean-Up (audio) – 11/08/11 

Twin Magazine – Female Activists Feature – Issue IV

You Generation – ‘If people knew about Twitter, there’d be no need for newspapers’ – 01/04/11

The New Statesman – No drugs. No sex. And no leaders. (photo) – 31/01/11

London Evening Standard – London’s Clicktivists: How Social Networking Became a Political Movement (cover & photo) – 17/01/11

Reuters – Protesters Prepare for Rising Anti-Cuts Action – 11/01/11

Putney Debater – ‘The Writing on the Wall is on the Web’ (video) – 11/01/11

The Guardian – ‘We need the Tories in power to unite the Left’ (video) – 10/01/11

Off The Cuff – Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog – 10/01/11

Kieronam – Online Activism is Useless if it Doesn’t Lead to Real-World Action – 10/01/11

Inter Kant – Report on Netroots UK Conference – 09/01/11

Channel 4 News – Tuition Fees Plans for Poor Students ‘Won’t Work’ (video) – 08/01/11

The New Statesman – How Twitter Changed the Face of Dissent – 20/12/10

Reuters – Twitter Gets Political – 08/12/10

ITV London News – Student Protests (video) – 07/12/10

London Review of Books – Inside the Occupation – 06/12/10

The Guardian – The New Age of Student Protest – 29/11/10

Previous events I’ve spoken at:

Open Generation Festival of Ideas – The Revolution Will (Still) Be Tweeted – 11/04/2015​

HerSay Social Media Day – Fitting Social Media Into Your Daily Routine – 05/11/14

Culture24: Let’s Get Real: Making Content Fit For Purpose – Provocation: Dreaming Of Content Distribution Systems (Learning From Brands) – 26/09/14

Fuck! I’m In My Twenties – London launch party – 09/12

Digital Footprint Summit – Learnings and Insights from Screenagers – 03/11/11

Compass Conference 2011 – Building the Good Society – How to fill crowded rooms for a good society: ideas and entertainment vs. the terminal boredom of meetings – 25/06/11

Netroots UK – Turning Online Activity Into Offline Activity – 08/01/11


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