Getting in touch


(Scroll down to read my blog posts – although sorry there haven’t been many updates recently!)

Recently, I set up a company that specialises in social media for startups. We do social media management, strategy, training and outreach for new companies who are yet to find their perfect in-house social media changemaker.

This is a great moment for me and it’s going really well so far. Check out our website – – to find out more about our products and services, or email me on to set up a conversation.

If you’d like me to help out with social media training, strategy or management for your brand, NGO or anything else interesting – I’m still able to work with you on this, too! Email if you’d like to talk. My personal website – – might help you out there.

As always, you can hear and see the day-to-day of my life on Twitter and on Instagram, and find out the latest in my working life on my LinkedIn profile.

Peace, love and hashtags!

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