Facebook’s 10th Birthday

So I know that this was a while ago now, but I just stumbled across the event I made for it – Facebook’s 10th Birthday. (That’s a witty and imaginative name right there.)

I made this event as a joke to send to my colleagues – we sit on Facebook all day as a job, so why not wear hats and do the same thing? Anyway, despite only inviting a handful of friends, when the day came, randoms were clicking ‘attending’ on the event and using the wall as a place to congratulate the network on 10 years of great work, and posting lots of pictures of cake.

Screen shot 2014-03-17 at 19.19.19

I started liking and replying to these posts, because it was a slow day at work and because my job is actually to be on Facebook anyway. The event had around 700 attendees at the end of the day – not exactly ‘viral’, but a long way from about 8 at the start.

This doesn’t really mean anything. I could present it as an allegory for how Facebook brings people together around a shared interest – that seems in keeping with their emosh Wieden+Kennedy ads – but I won’t. What I will say is that sometimes it’s just quite nice to see people saying something on Facebook about Facebook other than ‘fuck you new Facebook layout’.


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