Social Media Agony Aunt Search Terms Part 1: Social Media Addiction

This blog gets an obscene amount of hits for a site so under-updated and so un-SEOed. I would say ‘God knows how’ – but WordPress knows how. (WordPress is God?)

Anyway, using this omniscient Internet capability, I can see the main search terms that get people here. And I can see that these search terms are a CRY FOR HELP. So I’m going to offer some help.

Welcome to Social Media Agony Aunt Search Terms Part 1. (Suggestions for catchier names welcome. And knowing me there won’t be a part 2.)

facebook cigarettes

Search term 1:
Social media addiction
Am I addicted to social media?
Cure for social media addiction
Social media addicts
Addicted to Twitter
Addicted to Facebook
HELP I’m addicted to social networks!

You get the idea.

To anyone finding my blog using these search terms, the probable answer is yes. If you’ve oscillated between Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Myspace enough times that you’re somehow literally ruining your life, and, instead of closing your tabs and sorting that out, you’re having a mild panic attack and googling ‘Social Media Addiction’, you’re showing clear signs of social media addiction.

Nothing in the 2000 word description of my personal experience of social media addiction that you’ve just stumbled across will make you feel better right now. Don’t read that. Read this instead:

IT DOESN’T MATTER. It’s 2014 now and literally everyone has some form of social media addiction. It’s not worth late-night googling over.

In fact, it’s 2014 now and having a social media addiction is AWESOME. You can be like me and actually make money out of sitting on Facebook and Twitter all day long. It’s a real job now. Embrace your obsession, because people 10 years older than you call it a skill.

Close your tabs, fellow social media addict. Tweet about how stupid you feel for worrying and then go outside and live a life worth Instagramming. You’ll thank me when the RTs come pouring in.

Peace, love and hashtags ~ LMW x


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