A Love Letter To Selfies

Dear Selfies,

Yesterday I moved 100GB of crap off of my hard drive. Most of that was you. I found a folder of over 4,000 of you just from the first half of 2011. I laughed recalling my fondest memories with you – waking up with a mild hangover and little recollection of the 550 new additions to Photobooth from the night before. 


I have loved you for a long time.

I loved you long before you were called ‘Selfies’. I loved you when you were MySpace photos. I loved you when people couldn’t understand why I was making MySpace photos my Facebook profile picture in 2007. I loved you when you were GPOYs. I loved you before iPhones had a camera just for you and I had to use my webcam and then email myself pictures to put on Instagram. I loved you before Instagram, when I was still posting you as Twitpics. 

I loved you even when you became the norm instead of the exception.

I’m sorry I don’t have as much time for you anymore, and that I don’t devote time to you each day between getting dressed and leaving the house. Now that I’m not a student procrastinating from going to the library and have a real life job that I enjoy. I love the way you make it so easy for me to look back.

I am proud of your success. I will never be ashamed of you and I will never cut you out of my life forever. But Selfie, I’m sorry, I will never, ever recommend you to the brands I work with as a good campaign idea.

(Also, I forgive you for letting Kim Kardashian make a book of you.) 

Peace, love and hashtags,

Jess xoxo


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